Dear residents of Cinco MUD No. 14,

We are pleased to announce that we have retained Best Trash, L.L.C. as the District’s new provider of waste collection and recycling services. Best Trash will begin pick-ups in the District on Tuesday, February 28th and will also provide each resident with an 18-gallon recycling bin.

We are thankful for Texas Pride Disposal’s years of service, but the Board elected to terminate the District’s agreement with Texas Pride at its January 25th regular meeting. Texas Pride’s last day of pick-ups will be Friday, February 24th. Please place your 18-gallon recycling bins provided by Texas Pride out for pick up on that date. We look forward to a successful relationship with Best Trash and will continue to monitor the District’s waste collection and recycling needs.

Thank you,

/s/ Jim Reuss

Jim Reuss, President, Board of Directors, Cinco Municipal Utility District No. 14

Best Trash Welcome Letter (PDF)