Starting March 1, 2024, Cinco MUD No. 1 plans to undertake repairs to an underground sanitary sewer line located near the intersection of Claircrest Lane (Heritage Grand Lane) and Cinco Ranch Boulevard.

These repairs are required to prevent a total failure of the sanitary sewer line and to assure no future disruption of utility service.

The Contract Time is set at 90 days for project completion, but will ultimately depend on weather and any other unanticipated conditions encountered during construction.

You will not experience a disruption in utility service during these repairs.

There could be minor traffic disruptions and closures of sidewalks in the immediate area.

We want to keep you informed and also respond quickly to the needs and concerns of our residents and neighbors. Any questions, complaints or concerns should be directed to our District Engineer, Larry Mueller, P.E. at one of the following:

Office: 713-488-8212
Cell: 713-202-4272

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.