Cinco Municipal Utility District No. 1 Internal

About the District

Board of Directors

Mike Price, President, Term Expires 2028
Dan Whitton, Vice President, Term Expires 2028
Sharon Bauer, Secretary, Term Expires 2026
Jim Cusack, Assistant Vice President, Term Expires 2028
Robert B. Duncan, Assistant Secretary, Term Expires 2026


Cinco Municipal Utility District No. 1 (the “District”) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by act of the 69th regular session of the Texas State Legislature on May 24, 1985, and operates pursuant to Chapter 49 and Chapter 54 of the Texas Water Code, as amended. The District was created to provide internal water distribution, wastewater collection and storm drainage facilities to the approximate 246 acres of land within its boundaries. In addition, the District also serves as the “Master District,” a regional provider of wholesale waste collection and treatment facilities and water supply and delivery facilities to other utility districts in the Cinco Ranch development. ( See “Cinco Municipal Utility District No. 1 Master.” )

The District is located approximately 25 miles west of the central downtown business district of the City of Houston, Texas in Fort Bend County. The District lies wholly within the exclusive extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston and within the boundaries of Katy Independent School District. Access to the District is provided by Interstate Highway 10 west to Fry Road, Mason Road, Peek Road and from the Westpark Tollway, each of which is a major thoroughfare into the Cinco Ranch development. Access is also provided via Interstate Highway 10 west to the Grand Parkway.

Development of the District currently consists of 312 single-family residential lots (approximately 150 acres). Approximately 7 acres have been developed for commercial and recreational use. In addition, approximately 89 acres in the District are not developable (major streets, easements and open space).

District Map

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, July 2, 2024 at 11:00 AM

The Board generally meets the first Tuesday of each month at the offices of Allen Boone Humphries Robinson LLP, 3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2400, Houston, Texas 77027. Meetings generally begin at 11:00 a.m. and are open to the public.

The Board welcomes and encourages District residents to attend.